Friday, 11 June 2010

Been a bit busy

Sorry been away for a bit, lots going on.

1. They have done the silaging in double quick time this year, no panicing because of looming storms (although think they did it so quick as the weather was a bit uncertain in terms of the forecast).

2. Veggie garden has gone mad, got peas, runner beans, french beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cauli, lettuce, cabbage, grapes, chillies, herbs of various varities, shallots and carrots all growing like mad. Should be eating our lettuces now, peas just starting to flower so won't be long. Can't wait, love watching everything grow but wish they would get on with it!

3. Guests, had lots of lovely guests, it's that time of year.

4. I have taken up a craft I used to do when I was younger, I shall go into more detail when I have a mo (just aren't enough hours in the day what with work, the garden and my bead working). Yes beading on a loom, learned in Northern Canada from the Native people (in the area I was, the Swappy Cree). I haven't done it for years and recently got inspired again. Keeps me of the internet! Here are a few photos of some practice items (first one - the brighly coloured glasses cord was a bit untidy- the second one which is still on the loom is a bit neater) but have just got a wonderful book with lots of fab ideas so watch this space as I will publish piccies of my creations).