Monday, 5 September 2011

Been a bit busy

Been rather a busy few months and I am afraid one thing that got seriously neglected but back now! :)

College work was manic in the last few months of the school year, out teaching nearly every day of the week (not quite Saturdays and Sundays) and then I have also been concentrating on my glass beads.  Talk about serendipity... I popped into my local bead shop one day looking for a finding and the lovely lady who runs the shop asked me if she could sell my beads (she hadn't even seen them!).  I went in again about a week later with a selection of beads I had been working on and she put in an order for over 100, so with that and college work didn't have room to breathe!  Next another friend started up a weekly craft and antique market so I have been doing that almost every week since the beginning of July; great fun, not making a mint but enjoying it and covering the pitch costs so it's not too bad.  Finally on the bead front, I have opened an Etsy shop (need to put more items in there) and also my website it up, so what with these and a FB page for Glass Beads by Lotti and a Twitter link to that my beads are slowly slowly getting promoted.
On other notes our diabetic cat is still with us (just) but I think the time will be here very soon when we will need to really seriously think about allowing him to go to the great mouse hunting land in the sky.  It will be very sad, but he has been well looked after and used to have great fun in the fields here so we know he has had a good life.

Re the fields, sadly this year we have not had our boys and I have missed them very much; on the plus side though we have had alot more deer in the fields and it has been lovely to watch the young ones play.

The final thing that has happened and that has taken up alot of this year is that my poor little Mummy who has been unwell for years with terribly arthritis to the point that you could hear her bones creak as she moved and who was in so much pain that she was in tears every morning finally went to join my sister about a month ago after 2 and a half weeks in hospital under heavy sedation.  Those two weeks were terrible and her passing has been sad, but we gave her a great send off (arranged by Dad and one of my nephews and his wife) and now she is at peace and no longer in pain.  Dad seems to have had a new lease of life too (misses her very very much) and has regained confidence in driving again and has started to go back to church again, which they both loved but Mum just couldn't do.  We have to find him somewhere new to live as he (understandably) doesn't want to stay where he is (too many memories), but hopefully he will go on for a few more years yet..