Sunday, 13 March 2011

Beautiful day, busy in the garden

On a day like today, it would have been nice to go up onto the Moor, but gardening needed doing.  3 beds dug over (my dearly beloved), carrots planted and netted against pussy cat attack!  In door planting; toms, brussels, cauli, lettuce, peas, french beans (would have done runners too but discovered the seeds were mouldy!), marigolds, chillies, and various herbs.  Beds ready now for the new spuds to go in soon.  A very productive day, hopefully resulting in lots of produce!

The daffs are now starting to come out, it must be warmer at the top of the drive as these seem to be further on than the ones in the garden, best move to the top of the drive!

Talking of the Moor, it is so clear today I swear I can see the military flag post on top of Yes Tor, which is at least 30 miles away!  Mind you, they do say that if you can see the Moor it is going to rain, so will see what the week brings, hopefully no frost or snow (thinking of Ireland and Scotland who seem to have got a second winter right now). 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Current observations and a weekend walk

Just popped out for a ciggy (yes I know they are bad for you and yes I know I should give up, no lectures please.  Haven't smoked in the house for 7 years, takes some dedication in this weather I can tell you, but at least you see the moon and can watch the bats!).  Yes the bats are back, yippee, I love bats.  Also been admiring the thin fingernail of silver which is the beautiful new moon.  You can see the whole of the moon just about too.  Love new moons.  Also with the clear skies we are getting a fabulous sky at about this time.  The sun has set and along the skyline the colours go from dusky mauve at the horizon to dusky terracotta, then pale green, yes green, very pale yellow and then pale blue through to dark deep ink blue.  Just lovely, wish I could photograph it!

So apart from the (still very cold) beauty of the night sky what else is going on.  Well yesterday we had leisurely stroll along the river from Sticklepath to Belstone and back again.  Very beautiful and sadly without a camera!  Forgot to bring it.  The woodland here seems very ancient in parts with trees dripping green in the form of moss and ferns.  The river bubbling and tumbling over the rocks, crystal clear waters that look so inviting but also so very cold.  A nice walk, only about 3 miles, but with two small girls with us took a bit longer.  The other great thing about this walk is that there are lovely pubs at both ends, so you can have a nice local beer at half time and then another one at full time.  Will try to do this walk again with my posh camera soon to share some of the beauties with everyone.