Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Promise of things to come

Keep meaning to tell you about this house and the jungle it came with (think it is supposed to be a garden, we are gradually finding bits as we mow through the long grass and hack back the trees and shrubs), but busy time work wise for me with the markets starting up and the lovely visitors comming down to the South West for their holidays.  So whilst I write up my masterpiece on the garden here are a few photos of promise of things to come!  The grape pictured was unbelievable last year, we ended up throwing them out, we just couldn't keep up, or keep up with the figs (we have two fig trees and 14 grape vines!!!!!  Only one vine produced last year but they had all been neglected, they have been pruned back now and should produce, many are wine varieties, lucky I kept all my wine making equipment!  We also have 3 eating apples and 3 cooking apple trees, the one pictured is a Russet a fine old English variety (that actually I am not that keen on, but am I going to refuse free apples? No!)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dairy Jam

Ah such a sight and one that reminds you that winter is over (the bullocks/steers are back too in the field by the house, they go mad on the first day out, so pleased to be back on grass again, they have got very very muddy too, think they have been having celebratory rolls!).

I don't mind getting stuck in a cow jam, it's quite nice seeing all the girls on their way with their great big swollen swinging udders to the milking parlour and they will back in the field in no time :)

Ooh and spot the N Devon trees in the picture, can you guess by looking at them which way the wind blows by any chance ;)  Not the best example round here, must remember to take my camera when I go out next (these were taken on my mobile which has a rubbish camera!).

Friday, 4 April 2014

Wow, will you look at that lovely pink colour!

A few new pieces posted in my Etsy shop recently.   I have to say that I just love the pearly pink in the second bead and completely love the colours in the top bead (now I wonder if I can remember what I did to get those effects!).